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At Army, we are committed to recruiting the finest student-athlete this country has to offer…Young men who want to play FOR West Point NOT just at West Point. We seek young men who will proudly represent the Army football program, the Corps of Cadets, the Academy and, ultimately, the U.S. Army with honor and victories. We are committed to recruiting these young men within the concise framework outlined by the National Collegiate Athletic Association.


NCAA rules prohibit fans from initiating face-to-face, telephone, e-mail or regular mail contact with prospective student-athletes or their families on behalf of the United States Military Academy. We ask and expect our fans to abide by these regulations.

It is, however, permissible for you to recommend a prospective student-athlete to us. If you would like to recommend a player, please call or write the Army Football Office (Kimsey Athletic Center, Building 700A, West Point, NY 10996, phone: 845-938-4829). Please provide us with the player’s name and the high school he attends. Our staff will proceed from there. We urge you not to contact the player, his family or his coaches on our behalf.

“Thank you for your cooperation and support of Army Football.”


Compliance with NCAA rules is of the highest priority for our athletics program and the Academy. As a member of the NCAA, Army is responsible for the actions of its alumni, fans and supporters. Even the most best-intentioned action on your part may be a violation of NCAA rules. Please contact Army’s Compliance Office if you have any questions regarding what actions are permissible. We encourage to you become informed and “Ask Before You Act.”


Inquiries should be directed to:

Ron Salvatore, Assistant AD for Compliance & Academics

Army Athletic Association

639 Howard Road

West Point, NY 10996

Phone: 845-938-2576



If you know of a prospective student-athlete who is interested in attending the United States Military Academy, here are some rules by which you must abide.


  • Observe prospects playing in a contest.
  • Contact Troy Everhart, Dir. Player Personnel, Kimsey Athletic Center, Bldg. #700A, West Point, NY 10996     (Phone: 845-938-4829) or the specific sport coach (see for all coaches’ information) about outstanding student-athletes.
  • Send newspaper clippings to Army coaches with information about prospective student-athletes.
  • Respond to a prospective student-athlete’s questions about West Point (if the candidate contacts you) either face-to-face or on the telephone. The key is the prospective student-athlete must contact you.
  • Discuss the overall West Point experience (Any more detailed or specific questions about the athletic program should be referred to a member of the athletic department or a sport-specific coach).


  • Initiate contact with prospective student-athletes or their relatives via face-to-face, telephone, e-mail, or regular mail.
  • Visit the prospective student-athlete’s coach or other high school officials to evaluate the candidate.
  • Offer a prospective student-athlete any inducements to attend USMA.


A “representative of Army’s athletic interests,” or booster, is anyone who:

  • Has ever participated in or is currently a member of various athletic department support groups;
  • Has purchased season tickets;
  • Has made a donation to the athletic program;
  • Has helped arrange summer and/or vacation employment for student-athletes or provided benefits to student-athletes; or
  • Has been involved, in any way, in the promotion of Army Athletics.


A prospective student-athlete is a person who has started classes for the ninth grade.


Prospective and current student-athletes may not receive extra benefits. An extra benefit is any special arrangement by an institutional employee or representative of the institution’s athletic interests to provide a student-athlete or his/her family a benefit not authorized by NCAA legislation. Extra benefits would include, but are not limited to:

  • Cash or loans in any amount;
  • Co-signing or arranging a loan;
  • Gifts or free services (such as airline ticket, restaurant meal, etc.);
  • Use of an automobile;
  • Rent-free or reduced-cost housing.